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  • Hurry Up We’re Dreaming 35mm Film Photography Project

    Le 31 Septembre, 2014

    A few images from SF ventures last month. The quality of Portra 400 continues to encourage me to embrace color film. The city at night is definitely a sight to be captured. Haight-Ashbury also has a distinct feel to it and I hope to go back soon. 

    College continues to test me. I can definitely understand why people say Berkeley is hard. It is hard. More difficult than anything I could’ve imagined. I now see that there’s a reason why their ChemE program is ranked second in the nation. But I pray for the will to somehow survive these next four years. 

    Mason Chan Scott

  • Hurry Up We’re Dreaming 35mm Film Photography Project

    Le 6 Septembre, 2014

    A few pictures I have neglected to include. First time shooting Tri-X at 800 then developing normally. Fortunately, the exposure did turn out adequate. I am slowly falling in love with San Francisco—the city is endless. 

    I’ll try to update this blog a bit more regularly, or in other words: every time I have a chance to get film processed and scanned. College has definitely changed my perception of time. 

    Mason Chan Scott

  • what am i doing with my life

    How could something so good be so wrong at the same time? I like her a lot. When I’m with her I’m happy. When I’m not with her I want to be with her. I want this to be something. I don’t want this to all be for nothing. That sinking feeling has returned albeit in a different sense. I can understand why Sarah was never here. I don’t want to be here—on this floor, I mean. 

    Being with her makes me happy, but it brings a guilt of knowing that I shouldn’t be encouraging this relationship. But I want it so badly. I want her. Not in a physical sense, don’t get me wrong. Something about her presence can turn a horrible day into the best day. I’ve been so reluctant to suggest any sentiment. There are times when I want to hold her hand or put my arm around her, but I know it’s not a good idea—it wouldn’t be beneficial. All things are permissible, but not all are beneficial, so it says. I know I’m being foolish and selfish but I can’t help it. I’m a scoundrel. I know it. 

    I don’t know what we are and I am so afraid of when we’ll have to define whatever this is. I want to be in a relationship—I want to know what it’s like to have someone all to myself. I want to be happy and it hurts knowing that I can’t have this. I always thought I can’t cross that line but with every day that passes, that line grows increasingly ambiguous. 

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